How To Find And Do Work That You Love

Neminda Prabhashwara
3 min readMay 30, 2021


Discussion of my correspondence with following a Software Engineering degree program and moving along with a carrier in the Software industry, with my Ikigai.

Ikigai is a concept about the thing that you live for, the reason for being. It is broken down into four cycles.

  • The thing you love
  • The thing you are good at
  • The thing that makes money in reality
  • The thing what the world need in the moment

Ikigai tells about how to make money doing what they love. By adhering and visualizing above four components we can find our reason to be alive.

expression of Ikigai concepts

Passion: passion is doing something corresponds to what you are good at and doing what you love.

Mission: mission is doing something corresponds to what you love along with what the world need.

Profession: profession is doing something corresponds to what you are good at and what will pay you. Profession needs constant training and education. The skill set is not born with us but can be developed by practicing. Also known as job

Vocation: vocation is doing something corresponds to what you can get paid and what the world need at the time. Vocation means that people doing this type of work have the skill set with them at all time. They do not need to go for an institution get trained, but they need to do a different kind of training to be successful. For example, they may need to train their ethical behaviors and etc. but they have other skills needed along with them.

When someone analyzes above four components and find the field that encompass all the four components, they have found their Ikigai.

I tried this and analyzed the results.

First I remembered everything that I love to do from my child hood to present. I listed each of things and below are them,

  • learning mathematics
  • fixing electronic electronic components
  • swimming
  • travelling
  • gathering with my friends
  • leading
  • speaking
  • watching tv series and movies

Then I listed all the things and skills that I posses. And the list came up like this,

  • Mathematics
  • Swimming (not an expert, but I can)
  • diagnosing and fixing problems with electrical components

Then I listed answers for what can I get paid? And it came up like,

  • graphic designer
  • project manager
  • content marketing
  • software engineering
  • scientist on physics and biological science

Then finally I gave a thought about what the world need right now. Below is that list,

  • Doctors
  • IT experts
  • Engineers
  • Social workers

So, I tried to tailor as many as entities from my four lists to each other. What I found was I can learn mathematics by pursuing a career in software industry. Then by being a software engineer I can fulfill one vacancy in the world for an IT related person. In this area I get to work in team environment and then I will get to host leadership with my colleagues. Also, in this field there are many fun events related with software engineers. I can achieve things I love most like traveling and swimming by participating those events.

I think choosing a software engineering degree program in my career well matches with my Ikigai.



Neminda Prabhashwara

Software engineering undergraduate, University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka