What is Ethical Whistle blowing

Neminda Prabhashwara
4 min readJul 25, 2020


In this section we will discuss whistle blowing and its components

A whistle blower in society

In this article I will discuss the facts about whistle blowing. The content go as follows.

  • What is whistle blowing.
  • Elements of ethical whistle blowing.
  • Steps/procedure for a whistle blowing.

Lets dive then!

What is whistle blowing

When a man can’t resist a thing, it’s in human nature to blow it out of the mind. Whistle blowing is an act that is initiated by a man when he can’t stand the ground where he/she works at.

Whistle blowing means calling attention to wrongdoing that is occurring within an organisation.

Therefore, we can interpret whistle blowing in modern terms as, informing the society about some wrongdoing of an organisation that they aren’t aware of, in an excitingly short period.

Now one might feel that whistle blowing can be done by someone to get all the attention on him at the current moment, while another one feel about it is an an honest act to reveal something.

Both these ideas are true when we look at modern day whistle blowing incidents. A thing we mostly experience is that politicians can do such thing to show him the better man, and on the other hand some people do it from the honest thoughts from his/her deep hearts core.

But for this topic I’ll continue using the fact that ‘whistle blowing is ethical’.

I’ll refer to an event which occurred in 2013 in America. This incident (Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations) brings the fact that ‘whistle blowing is ethical’ to light.

In essence he is an employee works at word’s most powerful intelligence agency NSA. Almost working a decade in US intelligence world, he realised that what he does is part of something that was doing far more harm than good. So he took his courage and blew the whistle telling how we have lost our privacy due to unlimited power entitled to the government’s intelligence world.

This is clearly an incident highlighting ethical whistle blowing. He knew what he does is going to give him a really hard time. But he stepped and took the shot for people’s rights.

Elements of ethical whistle blowing

key elements of whistle blower policy
Key elements of whistle blower policy

There are organisations that manage whistle blowing and support whistle blowers. The above picture highlights their policies.

The key elements that we take into an account of an ethical whistle blowing are,

  • What is the specific wrongdoing that an organisation is continuing.
  • Why do we think it as a wrongdoing
  • For what parties does this wrongdoing impact on
  • What is the organisation that brings this harmful events to people
  • Who is the whistle blower (This is whistle blower’s choice. That means he can publish himself along with the whistle blowing or he can be anonymous and do the whistle blowing.)

Procedure for a whistle blowing.

  1. Gather required information

You need to ensure that you have enough information to prove the fact that you are going tell people.

2. Think and look back before you do it

You should think again before do it. You should think that whether you can prove it. Otherwise you will be humiliated in front of the society if couldn’t prove it. Also you should think hugely how this effect on you and your family if you are revealing yourself as the whistle blower. Don’t do it if you are having second thoughts about it. That means you are not ready yet. Blow the whistle when it really feels that you want to do it.

3. Look for someone that has the same opinion as yours

This isn’t an essential fact. But it would be a much stronger and approved by the society if you have more people with you to support you. If you don’t want to involve wit someone you can do it individually.

4. Go to media and blow your whistle

After you are fully satisfied with your decision make the final move. Go to press and reveal the wrongdoings and the organisation that doing it.

Finally my thoughts are ethical whistle blowing is a good manner.

People deserve to know in what kind of world do they live in. Go for it!



Neminda Prabhashwara

Software engineering undergraduate, University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka